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Kirk McLean Bio
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Kirk McLean is considered by most the best technical standup goalie in the NHL today. He always manages to stay up on his feet, which helps him prepare for the rebounds better than most of the other goalies who tend to go down and almost flop at most of the shots. Kirk McLean led the Vancouver Canucks to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1994. In that same playoff year Kirk McLean made a save against Robert Reichel that many consider to be the "save of the century" . He also made a new record for most minutes played by anyone in one playoff season in the NHL that year. Kirk McLean also is Probrably the one of if not the best Goaltending stick handler in the entire NHL. This makes him an even bigger asset to whatever team he is on because it lets him get the puck out of his zone to one of his players in a hurry whenever its needed. If McLean can stay on top of his game in Florida and prove that he is better than Sean Burke and become full time #1 he could prove to be THE best goalie in the NHL and win Florida their 1st Stanley Cup.

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AGE 31
catches left
Height 6'0 1/2
Number 1
birth date June 26 1966
Birth Place Scarborough General Hospital (Wilowdale Ontario)
Weight 180
Salary $2,450,000
1st NHL Shutout (date) February 17th 1988
1st NHL Shutout (against) Pittsburgh Penguins in/for Vancouver
1st NHL Shutout (score) 5-0
Total Shutouts 21
Boyhood Idol Bernie Parent
Drafted (date) June 9, 1984
Drafted (round) 6th round as an underage junior 107th overall
Drafted (by) The New Jersey Devils
1st NHL game (date) On April 5th 1986
1st NHL game (against) New York Islanders in New Jersey (for New jersey) they lost 7-1
1st NHL win (date) April 6th 1986
1st NHL win (against) New York Islanders
1st NHL win (score) 9-7
All-star 1991-92 2nd allstar team
Best Stat Season 1991-92/38 wins/5 shutouts/2.74 GAA

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Kirk McLean Trades back to top
Date From what team to what team For with
September 15, 1987 From New Jersey to Vancouver Pattrick Sunstrom and 4th round draft pick Greg Adams
January 2nd, 1998 From Vancouver to Carolina Sean Burke, Geoff Sanderson, Enrico Ciccone Martin Gelinas
March 24 1998 from Carolina to Florida Ray Shepard

Superstitions back to top
When he starts he wears his mask for the whole game (even during the national anthem)
During TV timeouts he goes to the bench for water and stands on either the blueline or res line until the ref blows the whistle
never drinks water from the net
always uses white tape
drives the same way to home games
Horseshoe nailed on locker
looks at clock every 2 whistles
4 leaf clover on back of mask
always practices on home end of the ice rink