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CONTACT THE CREATOR OF Kirk McLean Place and The Top Goaltender Sites

There are may ways of contacting me the creator of both The Top Goaltender Sites and Kirk McLean Place..
-The 1st easiest and most effective is through ICQ... My ICQ # is 27044183... but you dont even need an ICQ # to contact me with it.. just use the bellow form and itll send it to me as soon as Im on line or it'll instantly be sent to me if Im already online... (if you already have ICQ and you still want to contact me with the below form just put your ICQ # where it says email instead of your email address
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The 2nd is if you want to email me the old fasioned way just email me @
The 3rd is if your a member of AOL or have one of there free Instant messangers my member nameis kirmclean (not kirkmclean)
That list is the best ways to contact me.. I will have one more way to contact me soon
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